Discussion Post: How to create a Book Nook

Hey guys! HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope you guys are well! As some of you may know, for the last five months my parents have been building a house and we should be moving in NEXT WEEK, and I will be getting a new piano which I cannot wait to play!

Today, I thought I would do a post on book nooks, as well as ask a few questions about your preferred reading space!

At the moment, we've been living in a tiny cottage and almost all my books, save a few, are in storage. I have missed having a bookshelf where I can see all my books on display and see which books I should read next.

Lately I've been on Pinterest, looking at beautiful bookshelves/reading nooks and I was inspired to write a post on how you could maybe create your own book nook and discuss where you like to read etc. Below are some pictures of Book Nooks, and I have included some information on how you can personalise and make your book nook just the way you want it! :)

How to make a Book Nook

1. Find a space in your house, where you would love to read. Maybe next to a window, where you can look outside while you read. Maybe it's just a chair in the living area. Maybe in your room somewhere. Maybe even in a shed outside, or in a hammock. Look around your house and see where you would like your reading space to be! Because a Book Nook must reflect your style and tastes.

2. In the summer, will it get sunlight but not get too hot? In the winter will it be warm and snug and not have you shivering? Think of the weather conditions/temperatures in your Book Nook.

3. Possibly have a little table next to your book nook, if your book nook is a bed or chair etc, where you can place a cup of coffee/tea, snacks, maybe a notebook to jot down your thoughts on the book, and possibly even a couple of books stacked on the table that you will want to read next.

4. If you have a biggish built-in closet, you can create a Book Nook in there, I will attach some pictures below for you to see!

5. If you have a small room, like I do, then instead of placing a chair in your room or such, you can place pillows on the floor and blankets, and maybe attach a little shelf to the wall to hold a few books.

6.  Proper lighting/natural lighting. If your Book Nook doesn't get a lot of sunlight, then make sure you have a little lamp for you to read by, as you don't want to damage your eyes reading in a poorly lit room! If your Book Nook has natural light, that's great! But you might also need a lamp there, when it's dark and you want to read.

7.  If you like listening to music while you read, maybe take your music device with, be it your phone or a small radio to listen to music, softly, while you read.

8.  Maybe think of a theme for your Book Nook? Maybe pastel colours, or bold colours, maybe print pictures of your favourite book covers and stick them on the walls, so that when you occasionally look up from your book you can see a stunning cover in front of you!

9.  A lot of book bloggers have a reading/blogging schedule, if you have a calendar or a bulletin board that you could place in your Book Nook to see what books are being released this month and what books you need to try and read.

10.  If you live in a warmish, sunnyish place, maybe have an outdoor Book Nook. Maybe a hammock with pillows in your favourite colours! It all depends on your personal style and taste.

Pictures of my favourite Book Nooks

Book Nook no.1: A sunny window seat, and a built in reading place at the wall. I would love to sit by the window and read the whole day, all that's missing in this room is a bookshelf.

Book Nook no.2: I love, love, LOVE, how they have  used this space, imagine just being able to climb in that area, choose a book and sit down and read. I would LOVE a space like this in my house one day, I would just use different colours! :)

Book Nook no.3: Although I'm not too keen on the interior of this room, I once again love the window seat, and I think the white inbuilt shelf/storage space would be a great place to put books.

Book Nook no.4: This, is epic. Imagine placing this in your garden and swinging on it while reading, and being shielded from the sun's glare. I seriously need this.  

Book Nook no.5: I absolutely would love to have a garden like this, and a hammock and pillows like that! I love how the pink goes so well with the green, and also, it looks like the perfect place to read!

Book Nook no.6: Whenever I look at this picture, it reminds me of the olden day reading spaces you read about in books! I love how warm and cosy it looks and how it looks like it's a reading room that dates way back.

Book Nook no.7: You should all know by now that my favourite colour is pink, and maybe that's why I love this room! I love the pink fabric covering the windows, I love the couch (it looks so comfortable!) and I love how there is a bookshelf right behind the couch, and a little desk next to the couch to place a book or snacks!
Which Book Nook is your favourite?


Do you have a Book Nook? If so I would love you to comment and tell me about it! 

*None of these pictures are my own and I do not know their sources as I found them on Pinterest and some didn't have a website. If the pictures belong to you, let me know and I will put the source :)*


  1. Brilliant post, Kyra! I love looking at bookshelves and book nooks so I really enjoyed reading this post. Although that may sound sad to most of the people I know, it is awesome to fangirl over them together ;D

    I don't have a book nook per say, but I have a corner FOR books. I have one bookshelf and then 7 piles stacked up next to it. I then have a separate chair at the opposite side of my room but I still like it :) I'm planning to get one soon though!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. This is such a great post, Kyra! I love the idea and I know really want a Book Nook! I normally just sit cross-legged on my bed. I have to admit, I love no.1, no. 2 and no. 5 ! They all seem so spacious, and I would love to curl up on the corner seats. My books are on display, but my lack of imagination means they are on a shelf opposite my bed.

    I have a serious lack of bookshelves too Zoe, I bought a box the other day to store old ARC's!

  3. I WANT BOOK NOOK NUMBER 2 PLEASE! I'd actually just love to have any sort-of book nook but I don't... I don't really like anywhere in my house when reading! I'm never comfy, aha! ;)

    Great post - I'm going to try and make myself a book nook now! ;D

  4. My Book Nook is in the cupboard under the stairs - very Harry Potter! I spend a LOT of time in there and even named my blog The Book Nook ;)

  5. BOOK NOOK ONE AND TWO ARE MINE! sorry Rachel! THESE ARE AWESOOOMMEEEE! giving me ideas for when i swap rooms with my brother now! :) ooh can we see your book nook when you move in? x great post!

  6. Omg they all look so cosy! I want a book nook!!!!!!! I especially like the first three...and the fourth one looks cool too...but somehow I don't think it would be very suited to English weather :/

  7. I love those book nooks. For me I just read in my bed and put all my favorite books on my nightstand. I have books thrown all over my room because they don't fit on my bookshelf. I need a book nook!!!


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