My Awesome Review Notebook Thingy

When I sent out a tweet asking if bloggers generally review books straight after reading them, or if they wait a while before typing up a review and posting it, a lot of them replied saying that they have a notebook in which they write down their thoughts on the book and their  favorite  quotes. Sooo, I thought that seemed like a brilliant idea, as lately I've been struggling to write a review straight after reading a book as I suppose I need more time to gather my thoughts and my feelings on what I have just read...


The other day, when I started reading The Boyfriend List, I had a look through my notebooks and found an unused one to use as a Book Review Notebook Thingy, and I thought I would show you some stuff I have written in it and the layout! :D

There's three different sections. 

  • Where I write my thoughts on the book
  • Where I write my favourite quotes from the book
  • Where I write the new words I have learnt from the book

Isn't it pretty?! I got it for Christmas from one of my best friends! :D

The front page, what can I say? I'm a sucker for stickers :p

Thoughts on the book I am currently reading
I LOVE quotes from books, so I've got page after page of my favourite quotes!
And then the third part of the bookish reviewing quote thingy, is the new vocabulary I have learnt while reading the book! :D
Each type of genre is a different colour! Like for an instance if I'm reading Insurgent the titles of the three different sections will be in purple etc.

What do you guys think? :D


  1. Yaaaaaay you'll find it a massive help when it comes to writing down the review :D

  2. I'm so annoyed; I can't see your lovely pictures! Personally, I keep a notebook to write all of my posts into whenever I feel like. I find it much easier than sitting down at my computer and writing. I can also proofread at the same time as typing it up which makes my life a lot easier.
    Maybe you could post the pictures on Twitter so I can have a look? :)
    Thanks for sharing, Kyra!


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