Friday, 7 December 2012

Personal post #4


It has been SO frustrating, my internet has been off the whole day and when it is on, its super slow. I might not be blogging that much the next few months while we build and when we move into our new home. Also, my best friend is going to be visiting for a few days and my mom's best friend who is moving near us, her kids are moving down in a few days (they were supposed to be here two days a go) and I can't wait to see them and be by them!

Also, we decided on which home schooling programme to order and that will be coming next month sometime, and its quite a high level of school work so I won't be reading and blogging as much. However, its a home schooling programme that focuses on literature and you get amazing books to read for the literature lessons, so if I have the time I shall be reviewing those. 

I hope you guys have a great weekend and I can't believe its almost Christmas!


  1. Hey, I was wondering what brand of homeschooling you're using?
    Rose @ The Cosy Dragon

  2. Enjoy moving house and having your best friend come and visit! It is a shame you don't have that much time to post but you must be so busy. Good luck with all the schoolwork, the literature lessons sound amazing :D

  3. We have quite a bit in common! We've both just moved house (and therefore have silly internet) we're both home educated (although I'm not currently following any sort of program), we both have two dogs and we're both book bloggers!

  4. I was homeschooled too! I liked it much better than I think I would have liked public school.

    Moving can be stressful. I wish you luck! :)


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