Review - Spy Girl #1, Secrets - Christine Harris

Secrets (Undercover Girl, #1)Title: Secrets
Author: Christine Harris
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publication: Scholastic, September 1st 2005
Pages: 128, Paperback
Source: My own.

Jesse Sharpe is no ordinary kid. She's an orphan, a genius, and a secret agent. Jesse has been assigned by C2--the mysterious organization that raised her and taught her to be a spy--to protect another girl from a kidnap attempt. Jesse will have to trail suspects, plant listening devices, crack codes, and kick occasional bad guy butt. What Jesse doesn't know is whether she can trust C2 and the information she has been given--or if someone within the organization is trying to blow her cover.

This is one of the books that is on my TBR Challenge, so after I finished Pushing the Limits, I felt like reading a light,quick read.Undercover Girl was the perfect choice. It is for younger readers but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I liked the main character, Jesse Sharpe. She was brave and faced her fears. I also sympathized for her as she didn't have any parents and was stuck in this secret agent place with no freedom. She was a good character that you got to know a little bit more about throughout the story.

I enjoyed the plot, there were a couple of twists and turns but nothing major. I liked how the ending of each chapter was a cliffhanger. It was a well thought out and structured plot.

Overall a good, enjoyable, quick read that will keep you guessing. If you're a teenager you might not enjoy this book as there isn't a lot to it, but if you're looking for a light, breezy read, then this is the book to read. :)

I give it: 3 cupcakes!