Review - Jenny Q, Stitched Up - Pauline McLynn

jacket image for Jenny Q, Stitched Up by Pauline McLynn
Title: Jenny Q, Stitched Up
Author: Pauline McLynn
Genre: Young Adult, Juvenile Fiction
Publication: Puffin Books, 7 June 2012
Pages: 246 Pages, Paperback
Source: Thank you to Penguin Publishers for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review! :)

Right, here's how things are . . . My mother is pregnant. I shizz you not. My mum will be going around with a bump for all to see that she's still, well, shagging. Oh god I can't bear it - talk about a stitch-up.THEN there's Stevie Lee Bolton - every time I see him I'm like a stunned goldfish and just stand there with my mouth opening and closing.
So between my untakebackably embarrassing family and a certain Stevie Lee, how will I be ready for Teen Factor X - not even my friends know about my dodgy yodelings and secret obsession with becoming a star . . .
Jenny Q, Stitched Up! Is a fantastically funny new book, the main character is a 13 year old girl, so there are lots of laughs (and cringe-worthy moments) along the way! :)

I really enjoyed it. It was a refreshing change to see and read a book that was clean, sparkly and funny, unlike the other dark juvenile/YA fiction you usually see on the shelves!

The cover is gorgeous, when I received Jenny Q, Stitched Up! for review I was immediately interested. The premise was good and the cover was stunning :) I love how the cover looks like the front of a knitted jersey, and how the symbols (under garments, musical notes, dogs) all apply to the book. Its a cute, original idea.

I loved Jenny, she was spunky, funny, smart and brave. She really changed throughout the book and I liked that. In the beginning she was less mature but she grew throughout the book which was great to see.

She was quite hilarious at times and I would my find myself laughing out loud. The scraps she can get into are priceless!

The supporting characters were interesting, I would have liked it however if the author had added a little bit more information on them. Like, how they looked, some interesting facts on them their hobbies etc.

The plot kept me gripped and turning the pages, I finished it in a day. There were lots of different things happening at once, which sometimes I found a bit distracting, such as her appearance on TV, her mom's pregnancy, her crushes, physical differences. But in the end it all tied up well together to create a highly entertaining novel. :)

Jenny Q, Stitched Up was a unique, funny novel. The plot kept me interested and laughing along the way. I think some of the characters were under developed but it wasn't a major issue. A great book to read if you enjoy contemporary reads, that will have you laughing, smiling and blushing in sympathy for Jenny a long the way.