From the Review Pile #1

I am going to participate in a new meme, called From the Review Pile, hosted by Stepping Out of the Page. Basically it is a meme, where you pick one book (or two!) that you have been meaning to read/review for a while, but haven't yet gotten around to it. It will also give the book some extra publicity. :) 

This week I am going to showcase a book I'm REALLY looking forward to reading and that it...Fever! By Dee Schulman. * Blurb from Goodreads.

FeverA fearless Roman gladiator. A reckless 21st century girl. A mysterious virus unites them . . .
152 AD. Sethos Leontis, a skilled and mesmerising fighter, is unexpectedly wounded and lies dangerously close to death.
2012 AD. Eva is brilliant - but troubled. Starting her new life at a school for the gifted, a single moment in the lab has terrifying results.
An extraordinary link brings Sethos and Eva together, but it could force them apart - because the fever that grips them cannot be cured and falling in love could be lethal . . . Can love survive when worlds collide and threaten time itself?

How AMAZING does this Fever look? I'm really super-duper excited to read it, and will hopefully be reading it either this week or next week. 

If you also do this meme, leave me a link and I'll stop by! :)