Review - Little Foxes - Michael Morpurgo

Little Foxes - Michael Morpurgo

I really enjoyed this book. It's a heart-warming story. The little boy, Billy Bunch, who is a misfit, abandoned at birth and stutters, does poorly at school and has no friends. However, when he goes to a foster mother called Aunty May, who is horrible yet he finds some consolation at an abandoned churchyard near the canal, right where Aunty May lives. He watches birds and nature. It's here he rescues a cygnet from vicious boys who are throwing stones at her and trying to kill her. When he rescued the cygnet he's stutter was cured! He kept a feather from the cygnet for luck. He finds a family of foxes but sadly, the vixen is run over. He grabs the cub that he has a special bonding with and runs, run away from his horrible school and horrid Aunty May, he doesn't know that he is being guided by the cygnet. Billy finds, a home, a family and the fox returns to the wild. The cygnet (swan) states her "mission is accomplished". 
I'd rate this 8/10.
This is a wonderful book, it will have some laughter and a tear here and there. It also has an important lesson. If you love someone, let them go...

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