Favourite Authors Top 7 - Girls

Okay, I LOVE reading but sometimes there is just something special about a book, it could be the plot, the characters, the idea or, even, the author's style. These are my favourite authors - and I'll tell you why.

1. Cathy Cassidy

Okay, okay, I know they say don't judge a book by its cover, but her covers are seriously stunning! But aside from that, her stories are wonderfully written. The characters so likeable and the ideas so beautiful. They may be realistic but they always have that bit of sparkle when you read them.

2. Karen McCombie

I don't think I can get through a Karen McCombie book without chuckling atleast three times. Her books are really funny in a way, which, the characters aren't trying to be funny. No jokes or anything. Just the way she writes is really heart-warming.

3. E.D. Baker

I LOVE LOVE LOVE E.D. Baker's books! She is probably most well-known for her series of books: The Frog Princess. You might think ugh, that animated Disney movie! (Actually that movie was pretty good, but anyway) Her books are unique and very descriptive where you can simply immerse yourself into the author's world. You get sucked in instantly. The main character, Princess Esmeralda, or Emma, as she likes to be called is one of a kind! And the whole storyline is fantastic! READ HER BOOKS! :D

4. Meg Cabot

If you haven't yet heard about Meg Cabot, you are either an alien or you just, really don't get out enough. She is the glamorous author or the none other but...PRINCESS DIARIES! She is sparky and funny and you can't help but laugh along with the book!

5. Eva Ibbotson

Her books are enchanting! Wonderful description, they have a uniqueness about them. If you want to read one of her books, my favourite is, The Journey To The River Sea.

Get back to me and you me who YOUR faourite authors are!

6. Fiona Dunbar

I love her Lulu Baker trilogy and the Silk Sisters is EPIC! I love Rorie and Elsie they're awesome! She has a way with words that draws you in so that you feel like you're right there, with the characters.

7. Hilary McKay

My friend still bought me the book Permanent Rose, I enjoyed it so much I literally read it the whole day. Her writing is fantastic, it draws you in and the characters are AMAZING! I love Caddy and Permanent Rose the most. I love all the art that happens in the books!

Bookaholic 007