Contact/Review Policy

Hi there! 

I feel honored that you would like to send me your book to review!

If you would like to request that I review a book for you or interview you, this is where you can view my policy. Please do respect it, if I say I won't read a certain genre then it's pointless sending me an email to review it, as I will turn it down. Thank you!

Review Policy:
  •  I review middle-grade books and young adult books
  • I don't read horror/murder mystery/thrillers
  • I do accept e-books, as I have an e-reader.
  •  I don't accept books that feature witchcraft/demons or books that heavily feature strong language/blasphemy/violence/sex scenes. 
  • I most likely won't review nonfiction, but if it's about science/astronomy, I will consider your request.
  • I can't promise that I'll review your book within a week or two of receiving it as I receive many review books which require my immediate attention. However, if there is a certain date you need it reviewed by then I shall review it by that day.
Emailing Me + What My Reviews Entail:
            When you email me please include the cover, blurb, genre and publication date. 
I will have a cover of the book, the title, blurb, author, publisher, amount of pages and publication date in the review. I will give a completely honest review of the book out of a maximum 5 cupcakes. If I didn't enjoy your book, I will, unfortunately, have to say so but I will try to include positive things to say about it. If you would like to see my review style, you can visit my review page here.
Thanks for respecting my review policy

Author Interviews:
If you're an author and would like me to interview you or do a spotlight for your book (if your book abides to my review policy) I am happy to do so. I will ask you a few questions on your book, about your writing process and such!

Blogger Interviews:
 If you are a fellow blogger and want to interview me on your blog, I'll also be happy to do so!

If you would like to contact me for any of the above, my email address is bookaholic007 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you!