About Me

Welcome to my book blog, Blog of a Bookaholic! I hope you enjoy your stay - and don't be afraid to say hi!

I created this blog in 2012 after growing tired of not having anybody to talk about books with. I decided to start blogging as a way to share my thoughts with others and connect with other people who were as in love with books as I was. 📚

On this blog you will find...
★ Reviews on young adult and children's books (generally featuring all caps and GIFs because I get overenthusiastic in my reviews)
★ Discussion posts
★ The occasional writing post, here and there!
★ BOOK HAULS! (We all love a #shelfie now and then, don't we?)
★ Pictures! I'm not the best photographer, but I try
★ Various other posts!

I'm not very good at talking about myself, but I always like getting to know the blogger behind the blog; if you're here, I can imagine you feel the same!

I'll start with the basics.

★ My name is Kyra (nice to meet you!).
★ I'm twenty-three. I'm South African, but I moved to England in 2015. I like it here, but one day I hope to return to the African continent. 🐘
★ Jesus is my Saviour!
★ I have a diabetic miniature Schnauzer who requires a lot of care and is utterly adorable!

★ I was home-educated during high school
★ I'm in my second year of university, studying Physics with Astrophysics
★ As well as blogging and reading, I love writing, dancing, taking photos (of books), playing piano and guitar, drawing and exercising
★ I love the library! It's my second home

There's a little bit about me! Tell me something about you. Maybe tell me what your favourite book is or your favourite literary quote?

Thanks for stopping by!