Life Update: I'm finally an astrophysics student! 💫

 Hello everyone! 

Wow, I am so sorry. It has been an absolute age since I've posted anything. Life has become very, very busy! August through to September was a complete hassle trying to sort out home fee status for me so I could finally start studying. There was a lot of miscommunication, misinformation, phone calls and letter writing. It was very stressful and I am very glad that it's over! 

After all the stress of not knowing whether or not I was actually going to be able to study this year, my fee status was finally changed from international to home (yay!!!). I can happily say I am finally studying physics with astrophysics, which has been my dream since I was 12/13-years-old. 

I'm in my fourth week now and I'm really enjoying it. It's a lot of work, it's stressful, it's challenging, but ultimately very rewarding. I'm still living at home, but my parents and I are looking for a place nearer to the university to move to. I'm commuting at the moment as most of the stuff is online (save for labs and a tutorial each week), so at the moment it makes more sense to commute in! 

I'm really enjoying the content of the course. The maths is quite different to what I did at A-level; it's quite theoretical and really delves deep into the maths. It's not merely a case of using formulas and equations any more, but cultivating a deep understanding behind the maths you're doing. I'm also doing an astrophysics module which I'm LOVING. I'm currently learning about meteorites, finding the age of the Earth and how the moon affects the tides. We've also covered actual rocket science (!!!), the solar system, Kepler's laws of motion and Newton's laws of motion too - as well as other things!

I also have to spend 3-4 hours a week in labs. I loved them at A-level but not having the best time now, to be honest. It's a massive jump and I am quite confused most of the time, but hopefully I'll get to grips with it all soon! 

 I'll probably be writing up a couple of study/university-related posts over the next couple of months. Although I still love reading, I just don't have as much time for it anymore. There will still be book reviews on here and some bookish posts, but quite a lot of life updates and uni posts too! 

Super excited to share the next part of my journey with you all! 💜