April Releases I Want To Read!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are well! 

I don't generally do these kind of posts, but I decided I would quite like to. I've always focused more on backlist books, which I suppose has its positives, but mostly reading backlist books means that I can't join in with certain fandoms and such - I am very much out of the loop. So I thought I'd compile a list of some of the books releasing next month and hopefully try to get to them!

This sounds really good! I don't quite know how to describe the premise but basically it's about a girl who was raised by an absent mother called The Lady. The Lady sends her to the capital of the empire of Aritsar to compete with others to be chosen as part of the Crown Prince's Council of 11. If she's picked she'll join with other members of the Council through somethihng called the Ray, which is a bond that is apparently deeper thab blood. However, The Lady wants Tarisai to kill the Crown Prince as soon as she has his trust. Tarisai doesn't want to be the pawn in somebody else's game so she wants to try to forge a different path. Sounds muchly intriguing! 

I have a soft spot for Veronica Roth's books. Divergent was the first YA book I read and it was also one of the first review books I was sent. I absolutely love the Divergent trilogy. Yes, even Allegiant. I absolutely adored Carve the Mark too, so I am very much looking forward to reading Roth's first adult novel! I actually have an e-arc of this from Netgalley which I'll be reading this week, so lookout for a review. :)

I'm on a bit of a spy thriller kick at the moment. This sounds so good! It's about a woman who has lost her husband and daughter in a bombing that took place during WW2. She's been recruited by British intelligence to assasinate Hitlet, despite not having formal spy training. When Kate fails at her assignment and the plan unravels, she has to go on the run and begins to wrestle with suspicions that it was a set-up. This sounds so intriguing!!

ALEX FREAKING RIDER MY BAEEE. The Alex Rider series is one of my all-time favourites and I cannot WAIT for the latest book!! I think it's been two years since the last one?? I NEED MORE.

5. Meet Me at Midnight (7 April 2020)
What I got from this synopsis is love-hate relationship between neighbours of a holiday lake house. SIGN ME UPPP!! The hate-to-love trope is one of my faves, This sounds this the cutest summer read ever!

This series looks at famous fairy tales that were adapted by Disney and asks a "what if?" question for all of them. In this Cinderella retelling, what if she never tried on the slipper? In this reconstruction of the classic tale, Cinderella is unable to prove that she's the missing princess. Trying to escape living under Lady Tremaine's roof, she goes to the palace in search of a job as a seamstress. The Grand Duke appoints her and soon after Cinderella stumbles upon a conspiracy to take the king and the prince out of power. Ooh, this sounds SO GOOD!!!

If you know me, you know I LOVE contemporary novels. This literally sounds so cute. It's about a girl and a guy who enter a survivalist competition where they have to escape a zombie-thriller themed escape room. Apparently it is super cute and super funny - I can't wait to read it.

This sounds so freaking adorable!!! It's about internet crushes that turn into real life crushes! The female protagonist is a super popular YA book blogger (same!! Except for the super popular part lolol) who has fallen in love with her online best friend, Nash. He's a super talented graphic novelist and loves books as much as she does! HOWEVER,  Halle, the female protagonist, moves to a small town and comes face-to-face with Nash. She doesn't want to tell him that she's actually Kels, the popular online personality, when her real self doesn't have friends or confidence. 

This sounds like such a heartwarming read! It's about Natalie whose parents have just gotten divorced and her two best friends have also become an item. Everything in her life has changed and she faces more upheaval when an unexpected romance begins in her life. It sounds awkward and funny and relatable.

This book sounds so good, and I think it might be a tearjerker too. Fitz intends to stay at home to help his mother who is dealing with early-onset Alzheimers, but she is forcing him to go on a college tour despite him insisting that he'll stay home to care for her. Juniper wants nothing more than do leave a home that is filled with younger siblings and no privacy. Juniper plans her own college tourm despite her family's protests. It's on this college tour that Fitz and Juniper meet. Guys, this sounds so cute. I also like that it explores leaving home and going to college. So much of YA is focused on the sixteen/seventeen-year-old age bracket. It's nice seeing YA that extends beyond that specific age! 

This book sounds SO GOOD. It's about a girl who is a memory thief and part of a rebel spy group, who has to return to the palace in a secret mission to rescue her commander, the guy she is also in love with. Its got royal courts, magical abilities, secret missions - what's not to love?!

It's not a fairy tale retelling, folks. Instead it is dubbed as a "high-concept thriller". Ooh. It features an all-female mission to a planet in the Goldilocks Zone, which means the conditions meet the requirements to harbour human life. However, things soon start going wrong on the ship and suspicions arise that somebody is hiding a terrible secret. Ah, this sounds like a good one, guys. 

There are so many amazing books releasing this month - I can't wait to read them!

Which book are you most excited for?