What I'm Currently Reading #42 - I'M EMPLOYED (!!!)

I FINALLY HAVE A JOB. As you know, I've literally been applying for part-time jobs for a YEAR but haven't had any success...until this past week! I now have not one but two part-time jobs - WHAT IS THIS?! 

I went for a job interview two weeks ago at one of my favourite stores, but I never heard back from the guy, so I was obviously unsuccessful. I was so upset as I absolutely adore the brand and really wanted to work for them. I then applied to a couple of other jobs and had an interview for a health shop the Thursday. I walked out of the interview and then I cried over my chicken sandwich in Waitrose because I was convinced I wasn't going to get it. 😂 After the interview I also handed my CV in at one of my other favourite shops and spoke to the manager. I heard back from him the next day to do an interview and had the interview this past Monday

On Friday I had a full day of training at the health shop (although I had to commute to another branch for the training, which I was quite nervous about) but it was good. I had a lot of practice on the till and I liked the people I was working with! I also had training in my base store this Tuesday and I was happy with how it went. On Tuesday I discussed hours with the health shop manager and then phoned back the other job and he was willing to give me two 8-hour shifts a week that are fixed. So I'll be working those two days and then a minimum of two half-days at the other place. 

I'm so grateful to God for giving me this opportunity! They are both lovely places to work and I hope I enjoy it! 😃

Take a Chance on MeSiege (Special Forces Cadets #1)

Take a Chance on Me - ⭐ | Siege - .5

I'm in such a reading slump, it's horrible. Nothing is holding my interest! I DNFed two books this week. Much cry.

I'm currently reading this and I 

I have no idea. The future of my reading is looking a bit bleak at the moment. I HATE READING SLUMPS.

What have you read this past week?