Disney Princess Sidekick Book Tag - Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo I tag YOU!

You know what's the perfect combination? Let me tell you.
Disney, books, and book tags
And that's what I'm bringing to the blog today! 

I wasn't tagged by anyone but I decided I wanted to do it anyway! If you want to do it, please do! 
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I nabbed this tag from The Literary Phoenix, and The original creator is Book Princess Reviews. Be sure to check out their posts too! 

Let the book tag commence!

Lady Jane, Glifford, and Edward take this one. My Lady Jane had me in stitches and it was mostly due to the hilarious comments that came out of the characters’ mouths. 

Honorable mention: Harriet Manners from the Geek Girl series. Enthusiastic, delightfully geeky, and clumsy makes her a character that brings a lot of humour to the series!

DEFINITELY Squadron 20 from Light Years! They all have such vividly different personalities and I adore the banter and the dynamics within the group. I LOVE THEM A LOT OKAY.

Probably Uprooted. When I began reading it, I was utterly enchanted and captivated by the story. I thought I would finish it and give it a five star rating but then I stopped loving it as much. The thing with the trees and the woods and people trapped in it confused me and I just started losing interest. I’m not sure if it was me or the book, but I wasn't as captivated towards the end.

The freaking Wicked King!!! I wasn’t expecting that ending at all. I was completely and utterly shocked and left screeching at the book. I need Queen of Nothing like I need AIR.

Lemon Fresh and Cricket from LIFEL1K3. Eve is very lucky to have such brilliant friends. They’re both sassy, sarcastic, supportive, and hilarious - LOVE THEM.
As soon as I saw this question I thought of If I Stay. Mia was a talented cellist and her love if music was clearly expressed in If I Stay. 

Another book that is definitely focused on music is Wintersong. The character’s love of music pervaded the book and I loved it. It inspired me to get back into playing piano and writing songs.

Both books are amazing - read them.

Percy Jackson. Poor Percy, he has so many things he needs to tackle in his life.

Far From the Tree! I cried so many times in this book because the family dynamics were so well-written. It’s about 3 siblings who were separated and then tracked each other down. Two of them were adopted by different families and the other sibling was in and out of foster homes. It was heartbreaking and adorable! The family dynamics were just amazing. 

This a tricky question. A lot of my favourite books have impacted me in various ways. I think one that really jumps out at me is Mere Christianity. Although I’ve been a Christian since I was small, I felt like I learned so much about God through reading it and it really strengthened and fortified my faith and my relationship with Him. If you’re a Christian, I highly recommend it. If not, I also highly recommend it. It’s a brilliant book!
Jace Wayland! He just brightens up the page.

Ross and Marin! Ross is incredibly privileged and son
of a president, and Marin is a pirate. They come from completely different backgrounds and their personalities are slightly different but they work so well together. I love them. 

I tag you! Choose one of these questions and answer them in the comments! Also: what's your favourite Disney princess movie?