5 Types of Characters I Like...and 5 I Don't

I love characters. Characters are what make or break a novel for me. If I can't connect to the characters, no matter how entertaining a book is or how beautifully it's written, I probably won't like it. I've read a lot of books in my lifetime, so I know what kinds of characters can make me love or hate a book.

The cappuccino is about to be spilled. ☕ 
1. Bookish characters
My nerdy heart siiings when I encounter bookish characters. Characters who read and blog and create fanart. I love them muchly.

2. Shy, awkward characters
They are the cutest cinnamon rolls and I adore them. Being shy and somewhat awkward myself, I like reading about characters who have a similar disposition.

3. Family-orientated characters
I loved characters who actively try to have good relationships with their family members. Family is super important to me, so I love reading about characters who are close to their parents and siblings! 

4. Caring, gentle characters
Most books I've read feature characters who are confident, extremely brave, reckless, and won't blink if they need to break someone's arm. I love reading about characters who are caring, sweet, and gentle! There aren't enough characters who are sweet and a little bit cautious.

5. Characters who are passionate about a sport/instrument etc
I ADORE books that feature characters who are trying to become professional dancers or pianists or astronomers...I think it's so cool how dedicated some people are to a certain activity. 

1. Characters who cheat
If a character cheats...it makes me so mad. It's so disrespectful and hurtful to the other person and it just makes me SO MAD.

2. Disrespectful characters
Some characters just make life tough for the adults in their lives. Now that I'm an older YA reader, I get so frustrated with characters who cause havoc and disrespect the people in their lives who are just trying to help and guide them.

3. Melodramatic characters
UGH. You know those characters who make a big deal out of everything and just create unnecessary drama? Yes, those. They're so frustrating to read about and just exhaust me, honestly. 

4. Selfish characters
I don't like characters who only think about themselves and don't consider the feelings of others. The world doesn't revolve around you, Karen. Gosh.

5. Overly naive characters
I understand that some characters are naive. I can also be naive about certain things, but sometimes you get characters that are so naive you're just completely dumbfounded as to how they're that naive.

These are the five types of characters I like...and the five I don't! Do you share any of the same opinions?