"Haul-y Moly, That's a Lot of Books" Book Haul ft. birthday library reservations came in!

Since it's been almost TWO MONTHS, since I did my last book haul, I decided today was the day I finally got around to posting about the several books I've accumulated the past couple of months. 

2019 has been a year that has shown I can actually cut down on the amount of books I borrow and buy. Aside from a couple of books I've bought over the past few months, I haven't bought that many. I've also held off requesting too many books (aside from that one moment of weakness on Netgalley, but we won't talk about that ahem), and I've been sticking to my "one book per month" from the library rule (except this month I may have broken it because I've been so good. Logic, right?). 

That being said, it was my birthday in February and I decided that I would treat myself to reserving some new books that had been put onto my library's system. All of them have finally arrived, and I am so excited to get to them! 

This week has consisted of stress and writing. Not stress because of writing though, thank goodness. As I've recounted on my blog before, I can't go study this year as I'd have to pay international fees for my entire degree (£22,500 a year). Instead, I have to wait until next year as then I'll qualify for home fees. However, there's a lot of questions I have surrounding that so I had to write letters and stuff to find out more information AND write letters to the universities I want to attend. It was stressful. 

On the positive, my writing has gone really well this week! I started Camp NaNo on Monday. My goal was to write 2,000 words a day - I'm currently sitting on 17,000 words! I'm so grateful it's going well, and I'm really enjoying it. I hope this streak continues! The next few scenes are going to be quite emotional and one of the major turning points in the novel, so I'm hoping it goes well. 



I'm currently reading The Mystery of the Painted Dragon, which is the third book in the Sinclair Mysteries series. It's such a fun middle-grade grade read - I highly recommend the series! 

I also checked out Tilly and the Book Wanderers, as it sounds like such a cute book. Any novel with bookish adventures is a must-read for me. 

Uprooted is my book club's book of the month. I've been meaning to read a Naomi Novik book forever, so I'm really excited to finally read something by her. I also checked out Spinning Silver from my library. I've been wandering around the adult fiction sections recently, so I practically squealed in excitement when I saw it sitting there.

I've heard endless good things about A Curse So Dark and Lonely, so I'm excited to delve into this gorgeous Beauty & the Beast retelling. 

I was really excited to hear about Holly Smale bringing out a new series - I hope I love Happy Girl Lucky as much as I loved Geek Girl! 

After reading and LOVING Warcross, I desperately wanted to read Wildcard. I can't wait to finally find out what happens next! The Wicked King is also one of my most anticipated sequels of 2019. I hope I love it even more than The Cruel Price (which only hooked me midway through oops). 

City of Ghosts and Only Love Can Break Your Heart are both by authors whose works I've loved in the past. I'm excited to see what I think about their next books! 

All These Beautiful Strangers is a step outside of my comfort zone. I never read mystery books! But a mystery book set at a high school combined with secret societies? It sounds too good to pass up! 

I'm also finally getting around to reading a book by Angie Thomas! EXCITED. Empress of All Seasons sounds super good too - I hope I love it. 

I'm also going to finally finish The Skylarks' War. I started the audiobook on a car journey once and fell in LOVE with it. I'd actually like to purchase my own copy, as I know it's going to be a favourite! 

So many books to read! Which one do you think I should read first?