Top Ten Tuesday - Best Books I Read in 2018!


I hope you all have a year filled with love, laughter and beautiful moments - AND GREAT BOOKS, OF COURSE! 📚📚

2018 was actually a super good reading year for me. I read a total of 86 books, which I'm really happy about! I was hoping to hit a 100 books this year, but with exams/studying the first six months and my friend here for three weeks, I didn't manage to hit it, unfortunately. Maybe this year! 

I LOVED this book. It was my first read of 2018, and I absolutely loved it. It was filled with magic, music and spellbinding writing. I also remember having a vicious cold when reading this book. Ah, yay for good memories. 😂

My first YA Brandon Sanderson series! I loved this trilogy. It was filled with super heroes, shocking plot twists and witty banter. I also LOVED the main character. He was adorable.

ALEX RIDER IS BACK, BABY. This was the first book I read after finishing my exams, and man, what a good choice it was! It was action-packed, filled with character development and just so Alex Rider-y. I LOVEEED it. My review

My first Maggie Stiefvater book!!! I LOVED THIS. In fact, I loved it so much that I reread it. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. The characters were written with such depth and insight. The writing was utterly magical and THE CHARACTERS, I can't. Perfection. All the Crooked Saints? MORE LIKE ALLLL THE STARS. My review, if you want more of my thoughts on it! 

THIS BOOK. It made me cry in public. Muchly humiliating. This book was SO CUTE. The characters, the story, the writing, the family dynamics...ah, it was so good.

When I first started started this book, I didn't think it would end up on this list. The first 100 pages or so is very monotonous, but once the story got going, it got going. I LOVED the characters and the story. It was heartfelt, profound, sentimental...and just amazing. I loveee ol' Nicky Sparks.

AH THIS BOOK. I absolutely loveeed the movie, which I watched back when I was 11 or something, so I knew I'd love the book. The book was so, so good and, of course, I bawled my eyes out at the end.

 Again, I didn't think Seraphina would be on this list. I'd tried reading it a few years ago and couldn't get into it, but I wanted to give it another chance. I absolutely loveeeed this book. The characters were so wonderful, and the world was so complex, and the writing was so whimsical. 

This book was so charming and heartfelt. I absolutely loved it. The protagonist (an ape) was the sweetest, most intelligent, loyal character with such a large capacity to love. READ IT. My review, if you need more persuading.

THIS BOOK MADE ME CRY, LIKE, 8 TIMES. It was about a boy born in space and then sent back to Earth to try and live there. It was heartbreaking, beautiful and just utterly amazing. ALSO, READ IT. 

THIS BOOK WAS SO FUNNY. It was original, sweet and absolutely hilarious! A fun, fantastical twist on history - you should definitely read it! 

I was basically in suspense the whole book and didn't know how the characters were going to get out unscathed. It was AMAZING, so good. 

I really didn't enjoy Caraval but Legendary was SO GOOD. It had plot twists that I wasn't expcecting, the characters were more developed and the writing was a vastly improved. 

I loved this! Amazing character development, a feminist YA book done right and THAT ENDING. 

I didn't really enjoy the first 200 pages of this book, but towards the end, I was HOOKED. I can't wait for the sequel!

I'm so happy I had such a good reading year!

Have you read any of these? What did you think? What were your top 3 books of 2018?