November Wrap-Up and Where I've Been!

I hope you guys are well! 

Wow, I haven't blogged in ages. I've been super busy the past three weeks! One of my best friends visited me from South Africa which was AMAZING. I haven't seen any of my South African friends in over 3 years; it was so, so wonderful being reunited. We went to London, Oxford, and the Cotswolds. We consumed waaaay too much chocolate and hot chocolate. We listened to Christmas music while trying to bake gingerbread houses (they didn't turn out well at all, whoops!), took a lot of photos and made some amazing memories. 

I absolutely LOVED London! I didn't get to go to any bookstores or bookish things, as my friend wanted to see the touristy sights. It was fun though, as I got to be a tourist too! We watched the changing of the guards, and we were lucky enough to be right at the front. It was kind of anxiety-inducing being right at the front with a crowd of people behind me, BUT I SURVIVED. I loved seeing all the beautiful London architecture and all the stunning sights the city has to offer! 

It was an amazing three weeks! 

Do you want to see pictures?? OF COURSE YOU DO. Welcome to the first (and probably last, since I never travel) Travelling with Kyra segment! 

As you know, I've also been looking for a job. I haven't applied the past three weeks, but I'm starting to apply again! I was looking at waitressing and barista jobs, but it literally sounds so stressful, I don't think I could cope very well with that. 

The Belles (The Belles #1)Legendary (Caraval, #2)Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow (Nevermoor, #1)Murder, Magic, and What We WoreAgent Without Licence (AWOL, #1)Defending The GospelContagion (Dark Matter, #1)Deception (Dark Matter #2)The Last Namsara (Iskari #1)

The Belles - ⭐ | Legendary - ⭐.5 | Nevermoor - ⭐ | Murder, Magic and What We Wore - ⭐ | Agent Without Licence - ⭐.5 | Defending the Gospel - ⭐ | Contagion - ⭐ | Deception - ⭐ | The Last Namsara - ⭐.5

Wow - I didn't realise I read that much! I was sick with the flu for like two weeks, so I'm not surprised I managed to read quite a bit. I really loved these books! The only book I didn't enjoy much was Murder, Magic and What We Wore. It was quite juvenile and underdeveloped. Aside from that, I loved the other books! The Belles was a gorgeous read. Legendary was SO GOOD. I really didn't enjoy Caraval, but I LOVED Legendary! Nevermoor was so magical and adorable - I loved it! Agent Without Licence was a fun spy thriller. Defending the Gospel was a brilliant non-fiction book - I thoroughly enjoyed it! Contagion was a reread, so I loved it (obvi), and Deception was a super good sequel! I also really enjoyed The Last Namsara - AMAZING. 

Well, there are only 11 days left in December, so I won't be setting a TBR pile for this month! I am currently reading My Lady Jane though and LOVING it. Why didn't I read it sooner?! 

How was your November? Are you enjoying the holiday season? What books are you hoping to get to before the year is over?