2019 Bookish Goals & Resolutions

I have a love-hate relationship with setting goals and resolutions. I love making the lists and dreaming up all I could get done in the New Year, but I hate it when the year is over and I realise I accomplished much less than I was intending to. Oops!

However, I also really enjoy setting goals because it does give me something to work towards. Over the years I've learned to set attainable goals that I may actually have a chance of achieving. So that's what I'll be doing today!

1. Read 100 books 
I am on a gap year. I should have time. I CAN DO THIS.

2. Blog consistently
Oh, how I reminisce the Golden Age of my blogging career where I posted consistently. 
And then high school happened. 
I miss blogging consistently and producing quality content. I don't feel like I'm posting enough content and I want to change that! I will actually have time in 2019, so let's DO THIS. 

3. Get more involved in the blogging community
Oh, how I reminisce the days where I used to be very active in the book community! I used to mainly interact with bloggers on Twitter, but I don't go much on there anymore. However, that doesn't mean I can't mainly interact with bloggers on their blogs now! 

1. READ MY OWN BOOKS (!!!) 📚
I said that the beginning of 2018 that I wanted to focus more on reading my own books instead of library books...I completely failed. Maybe 2019 will be the year I actually accomplish reading my own books?! WHAT A CONCEPT.

2. Try to whittle down that ebook TBR by reading at least 1 ebook a month
This is attainable. I CAN DO THIS. I rarely use Netgalley these days, but back when I was a fetus blogger I used it wayyy too much. My Netgalley ratio is less than ideal. I must remedy this.

3. Write/plan three times a week (and once I get into it, hopefully every day?!)
I have two books I really want to write, but this time around, I really want to plan them. I generally just write without planning...and it doesn't work for me. XD I want to really get into my writing in 2019!

What are your 2019 goals and resolutions?