10 Reasons I'm Thankful for Books and My Blog

As a South African, we don't really do Thanksgiving. However, I always think it's great to take time to think of all the things we're grateful for! There are many, many things I'm thankful for, but as this is a book blog, I thought I'd focus on literary-related gratitude. LET THE THANKFULNESS COMMENCE! 

1. Books help me understand
I've read books that have helped me understand others and the world better. Whether it be by reading about cultures different from my own, illnesses, social issues...I just know so much more. 

2. Books make me feel understood
I've read books where characters have anxiety and panic attacks, or books where the characters have immigrated. They've helped me identify my feelings. They've helped me understand myself more and feel more understood.

3. Books have improved my vocabulary
Thank you, Jane Austen. 

4. Books allow me to travel to places I've always wanted to see and be people I've always wanted to be 
In my early teens, my anxiety was so bad, I couldn't leave the house without having a panic attack. There were things I wanted to do and places I wanted to go, but the severity of my anxiety prevented that. Even though it doesn't trump the actual experience of visiting a place, it did transport me in it's own way. I'm grateful for that. 

5. Books have helped me to connect with people
I go to a book club with some lovely people. I've had long chats with people about books I love. I've met people and made friends because of books. I LOVE MY FELLOW BOOK NERDS.
6. Books have improved my writing
I don't know if anyone else who writes experiences this, but after I've read a very well-written book, I find it drastically improves my own writing. 

7. Books inspire me and give me something to be passionate about
If I didn't love reading, I probably wouldn't want to write. If I didn't love reading, I wouldn't have started this blog. It's made me passionate about reading more, writing and blogging.

8. Books are the reason I started blogging and bookstagramming
I love blogging. I've gone through phases of bad blogging slumps (mainly because of school stress and lack of time), but I honestly don't think I could give up blogging. I love it too much. I also started getting into photography because of my blog!

9. My blog has helped me connect with a lot of people
Book bloggers, online and in reality. Authors. Publishers. Fetus Kyra couldn't have even imagined that I'd be talking to authors as much as I have!

10. My blog has given me so many opportunities
It blew my mind when I found out that I could actually be sent books to review for publishing companies. I still can't quite get over that, to be honest. It's amazing! I've also been featured in a newspaper and been able to blog for literary festivals. I've interviewed authors on my blog, had my review printed in a book...I'm so blessed.

What's one thing you're grateful about? Aren't books and the blogging community amazing?