What I've Been Reading - Classics, Non-Fiction, and YA!

I hope you guys are well! 

This week is going to be quite busy for me. I need to start finishing up my application for university, organising references, filling out forms...such fun. I'm feeling quite stressed because of this, especially as I might have to resit my physics exams in order to obtain a higher grade. I really wanted to take time off from studying and exams this year to focus on destressing and not get overwhelmed with school stress. I might not have to though - so fingers crossed! 

I also need to start thinking of ways to get funding for my first year of university next year. As I'm here on an ancestral visa and don't yet have a British passport, I have to live in the UK for five years in order to qualify for UK university fees, which is £9000 a year. International fees are £20000+/- a year - like what. Even next year I would've only been here 4 years, so I need to start thinking of how I'm going to fund my studies. SO MUCH STRESS.

I read  book this week: 
🍂Caraval by Stephanie Garber -
🍂 Emma by Jane Austen - 
🍂 Brilliant NLP - 

Yay - I read 3 books last week! Emma was AMAZING. I'm completely in love with Mr. Knightley - he's so incredible. I want to reread Northanger Abbey now, which was my first Jane Austen book. I didn't enjoy it at the time, but I think I'd have a much greater understanding (and appreciation!) of the stories and characters now.

Caraval was SO DISAPPOINTING. You can read my review here.

NLP was an interesting read! It goes into techniques for the neurolinguistic programming, which helps retrain your brain, control your emotions, think more positively etc. It was quite good, but I think it could've gone more in-depth into the techniques. I don't feel like they were all explained very well! 

🍂 The Secret Deep by Lindsay Galvin

This book is so good! It's a contemporary thriller BUT I think it'll also venture into fantasy at some point in the book! IT'S REALLY GOOD. 

Wonders of the Solar System

I want to start reading more physics books! I've read 50 pages of this already - it's really good!

What are you reading at the moment?