It's Bout of Books time!!! Bout of Books is hands down my favourite readathon to participate in! I first participated in 2014 and have tried to join in with every round since. Sometimes I haven't been able to because school, but it's summer holidays! I CAN PARTICIPATE! YAY! 

I generally like setting goals for my readathons, but there aren't any specific goals I have in mind, so...I'll abandon goal-making this time around. If I had to make a goal, it would be to just read as much as possible. Instead of scrolling through Twitter and Instagram for an hour, read. When I'm in the car, read. Read before bed and as much as possible during the day. Just read as much as possible, basically! 

The TBR Pile:
You know I love to set TBR piles...even though I rarely stick to them. Oops?
I want to focus on contemporaries this week. I LOVEEE reading contemporaries during summer. I can already feel the autumn weather kicking in (especially in the mornings and evenings!), so I want to make the most of the summer and READ ALL THE CONTEMPORARIES.

I have a few out from the library that I'd like to get to...

London Belongs to Us looks like a super fun read that I'll speed through! If There's No Tomorrow is apparently really sad, but I think I'm going to love it based on the first few pages. I also NEED to get around to reading My Lady Jane this summer!! I think I'm going to love it, so why haven't I read it yet? I'd also like to *try* getting around to reading To All the Boys I Loved Before. The book and movie has been super hyped lately, so I'd like to jump on the bandwagon! XD All Fall Down sounds super thrilling as well. AH, SO MANY GOOD BOOKS.

These are the books I'm hoping to get to this round of Bout of Books!

What are you planning on reading for the readathon?