Stacking the Shelves #109 - I don't think I've done a book haul this year. Oops.


I'm only going to feature the books I've acquired the past two months, because I a) can't remember all the books I've acquired in 2018 and b) this post will be waaay too long. So methinks I'll just split it up over the next few weeks! YAY - SOLUTIONS! 

Also, I hope y'all don't mind me not linking all the would take me approximately 50 years.

This week has gone by so quickly! I've been on summer holidays for a month now, which I can't quite believe. The week started out really nice. I met up with a friend; we had a mini picnic and read together - it was so much fun! I've also begun working on a CV and cover letter, as I want to apply at several bookstores in my local area. Hopefully I'll get offered a job at one of them!

I'm also volunteering at my local library once a week. My shift was SO BUSY this week. Last week I only had 3 people signing up for the summer reading challenge and had loads of reading time but not this week! I did manage to get some drawing done for my new WIP which was fun! I'm getting really excited about the characters, and the story is beginning to take form in my mind. I'm hoping to dedicate more time to plotting an outline and getting to know the characters next week.

Now, onto the books! 


Thank you to Hachette, Allison & Busby, Usborne and Titan Books for sending me:
  • When the Mountains Roared
  • Ash Princess
  • The Truth of Different Skies
  • The Extinction Trials
  • Access All Awkward
  • The Mermaid
  • Paper and Fire
  • Ash and Quill
  • Smoke and Iron
  • The Trapdoor Mysteries #1 & #2
  • The Summer of Us
  • The Wild Folk
I'm so blessed to have been sent all of these books - thank you! I'm so excited to read all of these, especially Access All Awkward, The Mermaid and the Great Library series by Rachel Caine.

I've also bought a few books recently but not as many as I would've in previous years - LOOK AT ME EXHIBITING SELF-CONTROL.

I bought The Unexpected Everything for the Tome Topple readathon, because obviously I didn't have any 500+ paged books on my shelves...*facepalm* I bought Since You've Been Gone, A Darker Shade of Magic, P.S. I Like You, Leviathan, A Sky Painted Gold, The Bear and the Nightingale, Railhead and Such a Rush from charity stores! I squealed very loudly when I saw them there.  Thank you to my parentals for buying me Dorothy Must Die, Resurrection and Midnight. MUCH APPRECIATION. 

I SWEAR THIS IS MY LAST BATCH OF LIBRARY BOOKS FOR 2018. Hold me accountable, peoples! I've checked out the Graceling and Shatter Me series, which I'm so excited to read. I've decided to start marathoning series, otherwise I never get around to finishing them. These all look so amazing - I can't wait to read them! 

I'm so excited to read these! Have you read any of them? Did you enjoy them? Are you terrible at finishing series, like me? Do you raid your library frequently? What books have you acquired recently?