Summer TBR Wipeout Challenge - The books I'll be reading!


I LOVE READING CHALLENGES SO MUCH! ESPECIALLY ONES THAT TAKE PLACE IN SUMMER. Because I'm on holiday and I actually have time to read. Why do I love reading challenges, you ask? Or maybe you didn't but I'll answer the question anyway. a) They challenge (no, really) me to read more which is always good and b) There are generally other people participating so I get to shriek at other book nerds about books which is my aesthetic c) THEY'RE JUST SO FUN I LOVE THEM.

The challenge runs from the 8th of July (I think) and ends the 13th of August (I think, not entirely sure!) which gives me quite a bit of time to knock some books off of my TBR pile. My TBR pile is mostly library books at the moment so I'm just going to try to read all of those this summer. I AM READY.

Whelp, that's an ambitious TBR if I've ever seen one but hey, I'm sure I can manage it! I'm nearly done with Othergirl (which I'm really enjoying) and then it's on to the sequel, Wonderboy. I'll probably read the Steelheart trilogy afterwards or The Girl of Ink and Stars as I've been dying to read that! So excited for these books!

ARE YOU PARTICIPATING?! I hope you do - we can shriek about books together and motivate each other and stuff! FUN.