Thoughts all library addicts have had

I LOVE LIBRARIES and I shall always love libraries. They are filled with books and words and book lovers like moi, it's comforting and calming and I love how there are thousands of potential adventures and characters just waiting for me. Some of my fondest memories are of libraries and GOSH I JUST LOVE THEM A LOT OKAY. As a library lover, there are several thoughts I've found myself having. Maybe once, or twice or all the time.

1. Would it be weird if I moved in or nah?
Would it, though? I'm there practically every day, surely they would notice it more if I wasn't there? Shh, don't argue with my (lack of) logic.

star trek spock vulcan logic seven of nine

2. Is it even healthy to take out this many books?

no korean hahaha no lol no

IT'S DANGEROUS. The papercuts, the towering tower of books that block your vision and cause you to fall, the potential breakage of back due to the 240kg worth of books in your bag. DO YOU SEE THE PERILS WE FACE?!

3. My TBR pile is the size of Everest and is about to crush me so I will not take out any more...OMG NEW RELEASES. YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU.
Why is this me though? Every time I go into the library and I see their new books...

Self-control be like, new phone, who dis?

4. Since I'm here all the time maybe I can start moving my things in slowly?? They won't notice, right??

penguin embarrassed you didnt see anything reactions oops

5. I wonder if I can read all the books in the YA section in the next 2 years

*attempts to block out images of unread bookshelf at home* Pssh, I could totally do that. If I ignore the books at home. And I don't sleep. Or shower. Or socialise with anyone ever.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has entertained this highly improbable thought?

6. I'll take one book out, I mean, it's not like I have that many at home. *avoids thinking about the 10 books checked out*
I DIDN'T MEAN TO. It just...happened? 

Image result for i'm innocent gif

7.I-I I just realised...I won't be able to read all these books. Ever. EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO SOB IN MY BOOK CAVE COMPRISED OF BOOKS I PROBABLY MIGHT NOT EVER READ.

So. many. books. so. little. time.

8. Ooh, many shelves. Very pretty. Ooh, a book. With a shiny cover. *puts in library bag*

books nerd library alexis bledel book store

9. Let me look at every single book on every single shelf in the YA section and – GASP! I've never heard of this book before. WHAT IS THIS SACRILEGE?! Must read. *puts in library bag*
Whenever I find a book I haven't heard of I'm like 50% HOW DO I NOT KNOW EVERY BOOK EVER and 50% OMG YAY NEW BOOK TO DEVOUR MWAHAHA.

10. Ooh! There's a person! My age! In the YA section! A potential friend, methinks. Let me just continue browsing and watch what books they take out in a non-creepily way instead of speaking to them because #shynessprobs
They were boys. Who liked books. But what did I do? I HID BEHIND A BOOKCASE UNTIL THEY LEFT. That's how you make friends, kids. 

11. I wonder what weird, random objects I'll find in this book
Ah, the joy of library books.

12. *Is happily reading book*
*comes across suspicious looking stain*
*gags* Please do not let that be what I think it is

Image result for disgusted face

The guilt. Is real.

Image result for happy potato gif
My reservations for The 100 by Kass Morgan and Black Heart by Holly Black came in today and I nearly died of happiness.

15. *lifts a stack of books* Daaaamn, look at those muscles. I wonder if there are any cute boys around to admire my highly impressive strength.
Today I was literally carrying a stack of books under one arm and a grocery bag (a heavy one, might I add), in the other hand. WANT TO KNOW HOW I GOT THOSE MUSCLES?! Book lifting. Bow down to your queen, folks.

LET'S TALK! Are you a library addict? Can you relate to any of these? If so, which ones? What other thoughts have you had in the library?!