Stacking the Shelves #96 - Thank you, postman!

Hello everybody! I hope you've all had a lovely week!

I've been so busy with school this week and we had visitors for two days and I have read no books. Nothing. 

Sad times, I know. I also got my exam results back for my IGCSE maths and chemistry that I took in May and...I'm quite disappointed with my maths results. I was aiming for an A and I was just a few marks short, which I'm very upset about! I did teach myself though so perhaps that's why. I'm definitely getting tutors for A levels though so hopefully it'll work out, if not I'll have to go to a college/sixth form. We'll see!

I did get some lovely book mail this week! I got an exciting arc from Penguin Random House and two books I'm really excited for from Hot Key Books and Scholastic! Thank you! <3

I received this just after I got my exam results so I wasn't as excited as I would've normally been but now I'm like OMG TAHEREH MAFI THE QUEEN OF WRITING FLAIL FLAIL FLAIL. She's such an amazing writer and that's such a pretty cover so I hope I love it!

Ah, Super Awkward, me in a nutshell. This sounds super cute and I'm super excited to read it!

If you've been reading this blog for awhile you probably know that I never read thrillers because they're scary BUT when I got offered this to review I was like WOW. VERY UNIQUE. ME LIKEY.

Here's the synopsis, LOOK HOW FANTASTIC IT SOUNDS:
An adored celebrity has been killed. Sixteen-year-old Martha Honeydew was found holding a gun, standing over the body.
Now Justice must prevail.
The general public will decide whether Martha is innocent or guilty by viewing daily episodes of the hugely popular TV showDeath is Justice, the only TV show that gives the power of life and death decisions - all for the price of a phone call.
Martha has admitted to the crime. But is she guilty? Or is reality sometimes more complicated than the images we are shown on TV?

So I've had a pretty fantastic week in books! If only I had time to read them all now! 
What books did you receive this week? Have you read any of these? And do you agree Cell 7 sounds amazing?!