The library books next to my bed


I hope you guys are all having an amazing week so far! My week has been pretty good, I've been reading and doing schoolwork and totally not spending hours watching random Youtube videos pfft. Also I'm kiiinndaaa freaking out as this time next week I'll be getting my braces fitted and everyone says it's extremely painful the first few days and my pain tolerance is basically nonexistent so WISH ME LUCK. 

I went to the library yesterday and I only meant to get 1 book (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows because I think I've mentally prepared myself enough to finally read it even though I know it's still going to rip my heart out and I'll be reduced to an emotional wreck) but I came out with 6. I have no idea how that happened, seriously. 

let's appreciate my appropriate and relevant GIF usage

I still have 7 books out from the last library visit (I know I have library issues don't judge me) so today I thought I'd show you the books that are next to my bed (or actually on my bed because sometimes I love having all my books right next to me. Is that weird? Probably.) which happen to all be library books because I LOVE LIBRARY BOOKS, don't you?! I thought I'd show you which books I have out currently and which ones I'm most excited to read and just chatter on about books basically. SUCH FUN.


Aren't they beautiful? YES THEY ARE. I checked out All the Rage and all the books to the left of it yesterday and I'm SO EXCITED TO READ THEM. I've been wanting to read All the Rage since forever as well as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Quite a few book bloggers have also been praising The Serpent King so when I saw it sitting there I was like YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU, I think I'm going to love it but I also think it's going to break my heart so with that, All the Rage and the final Harry Potter book next to my bed I think I'm also going to have to invest in like 29834 boxes of tissues. I also got The Bone Queen on impulse because I've been in a fantasy mood so when I saw that sitting there with it's red 'new stock' bookmark sticking out I was like OKAY I THINK YES, so hopefully I'll enjoy it! I also got out the first two School of Good and Evil books which I've actually gotten out before but never got around to reading but I shall try to this time! They seem so good and they have really pretty covers and SQUEE! Much excitement!

I'm currently reading Empire by John Connolly (WHICH I FORGOT TO INCLUDE IN THE PICTURES UGH) and I'm absolutely loving it! I read half of it yesterday and I'm hoping to finish the rest of it today or tomorrow as I've got just under 200 pages left, I think. I haven't read an excellent sci-fi novel in forever but these are so good - they have witty one-liners, shocking plot twists and wonderful characters. YOU SHOULD READ THEM.  I think I'll probably read Love Letters to the Dead next as I've heard such wonderful things and it looks really good! But then again...I may read Six of Crows or Snow Like Ashes as I've really been wanting to get back into fantasy! 

So! Those are the books that are currently sitting next to my bed! I'm super excited to read them all as some of them I've been wanting to read for 53 years so MUCH EXCITEMENT.

What books are currently sitting next to your bed? Do you ever have loads of books on your bed for an unreasonable amount of time because same? Have you read any of these and if you did, did you enjoy them? ALSO: I'D MUCHLY APPRECIATE ANY YA FANTASY/SCI-FI RECS.