Ten Bookish Facts About Moi

Ah! This is such an interesting prompt as I love learning about the people behind the blog. IT'S MAKES ME FEEL THAT MUCH CLOSER TO MY BLOGGY FRIENDS. 

SO! On with the post we go!

Not extremely slow, but not as fast as I'd like to be. If I'm enjoying a book I read around a page a minute, if I'm reading a fast-paced, easy read I can read 2 pages a minute but generally it's about 1 page a minute or 1 page every 2 minutes. I wish I had a faster reading speed!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am literally obsessed with the library. My parents have been taking me to the library since I first started reading and some of my fondest childhood memories are those of wandering among the aisles of books. Libraries feel like my second home, they're filled with incredible free books and I just love EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM BASICALLY. 

Ugh this is so frustrating. I take a book everywhere with me and a lot of the time I'm able to read in shops/cafes etc but if it's noisy and there's a lot of people I just can't concentrate. Unless the book is extremely thrilling, I just can't read when there's a lot of activity surrounding me. Meh.

I am probably the biggest wuss ever and I know that if I read a book that contains murder or kidnapping or anything hectic like that, I probably won't sleep for a month. I also don't like reading really gritty books as it generally affects my anxiety. I LIKE HAPPY BOOKS. 
kawaii colorful unicorn unicorns unicorn gif
I get distracted pretty easily and I'm not someone who can read a book in one go. I generally read for an hour or 2, do something else, read, do something else again etc. I've always been like that but lately I've been reading so many good books I've been reading them in a sitting or two. IT'S A MIRACLE.

I am literally obsessed with putting page markers in my books. I have gone through so many in my life time it's slightly worrying. If I read a scene that's cute, funny, shippity (a legit word, shh, don't question it) or utterly heartbreaking - it will be tabbed. AND THEN THE FUN PART IS YOU CAN FLICK THROUGH THE BOOK AND BE REDUCED TO A SOBBING, FANGIRLING MESS. AGAIN. SUCH FUN!

I LOVE FANTASY NOVELS. Unicorns and mermaids and sword fights and magic...but they intimidate me. They're often very thick and although I LOVE big books, they scare me because SO MANY PAGES. *dies* Also, I always stress that I won't be able to imagine a fantasy-enough world (does that make sense?).
I'm generally quite good at imagining faces but for some characters I just can't picture a face, if this happens, I generally picture the character as a celebrity. Does anyone else do this or is that just me being weird again?

Don't be like that, Tom.

FUNNY STORY. I still remember when I was about to start school for the first time my dad was like "You're going to learn to read! Isn't that exciting?" and I was like "Reading looks hard. I'm going to hate it." 

And then I learnt how to read and I fell completely and utterly in love with it. I still remember coming home from school and getting so excited to read about cats and hats and mats and then once I'd finished reading the last few books in the top reading level I started devouring the children's selection at my library...Let's all just take a moment to realise how wrong, oh how very wrong five year old Kyra was. 

YES! THIS IS TRUE. My dad has been writing down all the books he's read since he was much younger and obviously when book-obsessed mini Kyra heard about this she thought it was the greatest idea ever and hence I started noting down every single book I'd ever read: the title, the author, which number book it was I read and later on, their ratings. Once I got Goodreads I stopped doing this but I kind of feel like I'd like to start it up again. Tradition, you know? 

 What are some bookish facts about you? Can you relate to any of these? I'd love to know!