Personal Post: WE'VE FOUND A HOUSE, Planning NaNo, I like painting and ICE SKATING LESSONS?!

WE FINALLY HAVE A HOUSE. We've been looking for a house for two months that will allow pets and we've finally found one! We've been staying in a guest house while we've been looking and my dogs are in kennels in South Africa and I miss them so much! I CAN'T WAIT TO MY BABIES AGAIN.

And, you know what the other amazing thing is about having a house?!


The British libraries are amazing, so I shall be reading all the books all the time very shortly. 

ALSO, next month is NaNoWriMo and I have three novels I want to write: 2 of them are contemporaries, one of them deals with mental illness, the other one deals with grief and forgiveness and the third is a thriller/adventure type of novel. Which one do you think I should write?

I've also been painting/sketching a lot! I've always loved being creative and since getting some watercolor paints a month back, I've been doing a lot of art. I created an Instagram account for my art, if you would like to follow it (you can click here to go to my page) that would be pretty cool. If not, I understand. *looks sadly off into the distance* XD

Here is some of my art!

ALSO, GUESS WHAT. I'm going for ice skating lessons which I'm super super super excited about! Last week I was really ill with flu so I was watching loads of my old favorite movies and one of them was Ice Princess and after watching how beautiful figure skating is I was like OMG MUST I'll be going for lessons next month and I really, really hope I enjoy it and that I hope I'm slightly good at it which I doubt because I'm quite uncoordinated, but miracles do happen, so fingers crossed.

So, tell me! Have you ever been ice skating? Do you like painting/sketching? What are your hobbies besides reading and blogging? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo, if so, how have you been preparing? What genre is your book?