Top Ten Tuesday #31 - Top Ten Books I'll Be Reading This Winter

This lovely meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!


I am currently typing this as the rain is pouring, the sky is foggy and I'm wrapped up in a fleecy jacket and tracksuit pants. Winter is definitely upon South Africa!

As you guys might or might not know, I am a seasonal reader. I want to read fantasy/paranormal books in winter and contemporary/love stories in summer, because if it's raining and cold outside and that same weather is happening in the book it just heightens the reading experience, ya know?

As it's my holidays, I want to read books that I've been wanting to read for ages, finish series I've been wanting to finish, read some library books I've gotten and just read all the books I've been wanting to read during that time horrible time spent studying. Bleurgh.

SO ANYWAY, here is my TBR!:

I have yet to finish the Harry Potter series (I KNOW DON'T KILL ME) as well as the Mortal Instruments series (I KNOW STOP THROWING THE TOMATOES) and I've been wanting to read Eleanor & Park for ages, as well as An Abundance of Katherines and Monument 14! Ahh, I think I'm really going to enjoy Monument 14, well, I hope I do! 

Why We Broke Up, I've heard fantastic things about and I've been wanting to read Time Between Us for awhile as I got the second book to review and I think that it's about high time that I read them! My one friend also bought me The Hundred Year Old Man and he said it was fantastic so I'm looking forward to reading that too!

What books will you be reading this summer or winter?