Personal Post #1: Aching Teeth and Anxiety

This weekend, I'm sad to say, has not been good to me. As some of you may know I suffer from severe anxiety disorder and although it's been better in recent months, it seems like it has returned. As some of you also may know is that I have quite skew teeth and I'm currently three months into my orthodontic treatment. So far I've had a removable plate and yesterday I got orthodontic spacers, which I'm pretty sure were made by the devil himself. Because it hurts. Badly. It's the worst pain I've ever felt and it's an utter living nightmare. My weekend has mostly consisted of:

See, I went to the orthodontist and I thought my plate was just going to be tightened but then he looked at my bite and decided it was time for the orthodontic spacers, and it's not good timing as my cousin's visiting for two weeks and I've basically been an anxious, crying wreck because of my teeth. Also, with anxiety, your senses are heightened and every little thing in your body you feel more. We also like knowing that we can "escape" an anxious situation and I know that I can't remove the spacers so it really freaks me out.

This is NOT my picture, I got it from here.
They're tiny but don't let that deceive you, it's as painful as anything because it's moving your teeth roots. YES, IT'S AS HORRIBLE AS IT SOUNDS. So whenever I chew something it's like sharp shooting pains throughout my teeth and jaw, so I mainly have to eat oats/noodles/the center of bread/yogurt because other things are too painful. Yesterday morning I woke up at 3:30 because the pain was so bad. 

I've been having really bad anxiety where I have constant heart palpitations, nausea, shakiness and where it feels like my whole body is burning up because I'm so anxious about the pain and how weird it all feels. Yesterday, after the pain got really bad and the panic attacks so intense, I was so tempted to pull them out and just go get straight teeth when I'm older. But my teeth are something I have quite a complex about, so I really want to continue the treatment even if that means being perpetually anxious.
Here are some pictures of my bottom teeth and my plate. The after photo was taken two months after the before photo and I was so happy when I saw the plate was actually working!

My plate!
My bottom teeth
 I'm hoping that the pain will get better soon. Next Monday I'm going to get the lower plate in and I'm utterly terrified, so wish me luck!

I just thought I'd like to share this with you guys because it's always nice getting to know the blogger behind their blog. Would you like to see more personal posts?