Top Ten Tuesday #24 - Top 15 Goals for 2015 (Bookish, blogging or otherwise)

It's the day before the last day of 2014, which is partially terrifying but also partially refreshing. It's time to turn over a new leaf and forgot the troubles we've had this year and focus on being a better person for the next year. These are my Top 15 bookish, blogging and personal goals for 2015 (5 each).

  1. Read 2 or 3 books a week after exam season. I have my exams coming up and I'm FREAKING OUT. When I have exams most of my time is spent studying and I find myself not being able to do much else because every time I found myself doing something non-school related I feel guilty, which is stupid but that's just me. I know I won't read much during exams, but once that's done, I hope to read two or three books a week.

  2. Read primarily review books. The amount of review books I have to read is absurd and I definitely want to lessen that pile.

  3. RAISE MY NETGALLEY RATIO. I was hoping to do that this year, but I didn't and it's definitely my main priority bookish wise for next year. I think mine is currently at around 43% (which is utterly appalling) and I'm hoping to raise it to over 50% next year! LET'S HOPE THIS HAPPENS.

  4. Read more ebooks. I don't actually read that many ebooks, which is weird as I love my Kindle but I'm hoping to read more ebooks next year!

  5. Read 2015 releases. I barely ever read books released the year it currently is as books are so expensive here, but I definitely want to read more books that most of us are looking forward to so that I'll be able to join in with the discussions concerning said book.
  1. Create a blogging schedule. Pfft, this probably won't happen but I like to challenge myself. ;) I've been blogging for nearly three years and I still don't have a blogging schedule. It's appalling, I tell you.

  2. Be a more organised reader and reviewer. I really need to focus on reading and reviewing my review books closer to their release date, as I get side-tracked and read other books and then it doesn't get read by when it should. BUT THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE.

  3. Read at least one book from the TBR lists I make each month that I've put on my blog. I am mood reader and I never stick to my lists, but I would very much like to change that. 

  4. Update my blog. I'm thinking of maybe moving to Wordpress, but if I don't do that, I'd like to make my blog look more professional and maybe choose a different design and just improve the way my blog looks and functions, ya know?

  5. Schedule more posts in advance as well as have unique content. I really want to make my blog more unique and I don't want to just do memes and reviews, I'd like to add more to my readers' reading experience. If you would like to see a certain type of post, please let me know! I also want to schedule more posts so that I'm not frantically writing a post up the night before, like I'm doing now haha!
  1. Stop worrying so much. I worry. A lot. It's kind of an automatic thing for me. I'm really going to try to focus hard this year on not worrying on petty things and if I'm worried about things within my power, to do something about it instead of mull over it for hours, working myself up.

  2. Make bookish friends that aren't on the internet. No one where I live is really into reading and I'd really like to somehow make friends with people who read.

  3. Become more confident/outgoing. I'm incredibly shy especially with people, hence why the above resolution is quite hard for me. But I definitely want to try to become less shy and gain more confidence when I speak to people.

  4. Get one step closer to conquering my anxiety. I've spoken about my anxiety a few times and it features a lot in these posts and each year it gets better but then it gets worse again. I'm going for CBT now, which is basically where someone helps you "retrain your brain" and I'm hoping that it will help! I'll let you guys know. 

  5. Get fit. I am hopelessly unfit and I want to start jogging because I want to go back to dancing but I'd like to be slightly more fit before I go back to dancing.
These are my 2015 goals! What are yours?