Movie Review - Catching Fire

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Okay, so I love The Hunger Games trilogy. They're amazing. And I love them. And this will be a fangirl review. With gifs. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Here is my first ever movie review on this blog and it is for 

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THIS MOVIE WAS EPIC. I can't describe just how amazing it is. It was such an accurate representation of the book, it literally felt like I was seeing what I saw on the book played out in front of me. There were even times where I were saying lines along with them that were taken from the book. 

The intense fog that made their skin break out into poisonous warts, the monkeys that tried attacking them (gave me such a fright I literally jumped out of my seat whilst simultaneously crushing my friend's arm). 

The actors were perfect. I love Johanna in this movie. The actress who plays her, Jena Malone, portrayed her part perfectly. The elevator scene was brilliance and Jennifer Lawrence's facial expressions were perfect!

I also loved Sam Claflin, who played Finnick and I thought he was perfect for the part and did an amazing job!

I was quite disappointed with Prim's parts in the movie though. I felt like when she did have a speaking part, she didn't show a lot of emotion and it's important for her to.

Jennifer, Josh and Gale were absolutely amazing. Jennifer really gave it her all in this movie and she is such a freaking amazing actress.

My favourite character in the movie was definitely Haymitch. Gah, I adore Haymitch! The actor who portrays him portrays him perfectly and he is just brilliant. The banter between him and Katniss is perfection and he's just such a unique, albeit drunk, character.

I cried during this movie, I loved it. I am so proud of the job they did directing Catching Fire, as it really captured the feelings and the betrayal the previous victors felt after having to go into the arena again. This movie was utterly perfect and it is definitely one of my ultimate favourite movies.

There's not much more I can say except is that if you haven't already seen it... what are you waiting for?

I give it: 5/5 CUPCAKES!