Blog of a Bookaholic Day 6 - Interview with Rebecca-Books!

1.  Hey Rebecca! Tell us about your lovely self and your gorgeous blog! :)
Hello Kyra! I’m Rebecca (if that part is not blindingly obvious), I’m 18 and I live in London, England where my life evolves entirely around books essentially. Seriously, my friends call me the ‘one who reads’ or ‘she ingests books’. When I’m not blogging/reading, I’m off working at my local Waterstones bookshop or slaving over college work.
(I realise I’m rambling now so onto the blog). I started my blog three years ago as a kind of project to take my mind of some things that were happening at the time. For the first few months it was just a private thing until I discovered some amazing book blogs like ‘holes In My brain’ and then I guess the rest is history! I still can't believe that was 3 WHOLE YEARS AGO. 
Three years?! WOW! 
2. If you could choose one place in the world to read where would it be? Such as a tropical island, a log house in snowy mountains etc?
One of the best things about having to take the train to college every day is I have some me-time just reading on the train. I’m not sure why I like it, I guess the motion of the train or the atmosphere, I’m not sure. But yeah I would love to be on an old-style, quiet train on my way to somewhere lovely. 
That sounds really nice! I've never read on a train before...*adds to bucket list*
3. What are your favourite genres to read?
I’ve realised recently how many dystopian series I’ve read so I guess that’s a favourite! I also love a good contemporary or historical fiction book. 

4. Do you remember how we became bloggy buddies? :P
In all honesty, I can’t remember at all (this is really bad!). I think it was about September/October perhaps last year and it may have been when I’d seen you post on Lucy from Queen of Contemporary’s blog and maybe something to do with Twitter. To be honest, I have the memory of a goldfish.

5. If you could have one character come to life from a book and hang out with you for a day, who would it be?
AH OH MY GOSH WHY ASK ME THIS QUESTION THERE ARE TOO MANY *panics*. Okay, so I think Four (Divergent) would be UP THERE, any of my favourite Sarah Dessen characters – Macy, Annabel, Mclean. Put Hazel and Augustus (The Fault in Our Stars) in there too perhaps. I realise now that’s quite a few people and you asked for one. But I’m having a party with them so you need more than one really…
6. Do you have an ereader and has it got a name? :P
I do, a Kindle. I don’t have a name for it really. When I talk about it I call it ‘The Kindle’. Hmm, I need to think of a name. Any suggestions?
How about...Tris? Four? Hazel? Augustus? :P
Quickfire questions:
1. Thriller of contemporary?
Although I love a good thriller, contemporary will always win. 
2. Music or art?

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of art. So music, I find it relaxes me when I’m working.
3. Ebooks or physical books?
An ebook you cannot smell and I love the smell of books. As much as I don’t mind ebooks, from working in a bookshop and having a Kindle, I’ve come to appreciate physical books. 
4. The Knife of Never Letting Go or Divergent?
OH YOU KNOW THIS WOULD BE A HARD ONE FOR ME. I’m going to go with.........Divergent. Only because I’ve read it more recently and still getting over how great it was. 
Yes, that was an incredibly hard question. I'm evil, right? Mwahahahaha -*half-chokes on fly*
5. Vanilla or chocolate?