Blog of a Bookaholic Blogoversary Day 7 - Lucy from Queen of Contemporary!

Hi Lucy! Can you tell us a bit about your awesome self and your lovely blog?
Well, I’m very honoured that you would think to call me awesome, Kyra! My name is Lucy and I run the YA book blog, Queen of Contemporary.

I created Queen of Contemporary in April 2012 and I really didn’t think that through blogging I would meet such a lovely group of people and also have fun at the same time. If you were to visit my blog then you would find both book reviews and book related discussions, as well as a feature I like to call Embracing My Inner Geek where I ramble about random things.

What has been the best bloggy/bookish moment in your life?

Only one?! I’ve achieved so much through blogging and so it’s really hard to choose one thing.
I love meeting authors and have so far met Kit Berry, Rachel Ward, Lucy Christopher and C.J. Skuse. It’s nice to meet the people who have inspired me.
I’ve also loved being able to talk to such wonderful people who I converse with daily. All of them are lovely and I love them so much.

If you could choose one book boyfriend to come to life for one day, who would it be and why?
I don’t know how you could do this to me, Kyra! Do you know how much you are torturing me?! I actually have a whole list of book boyfriends that is ever-growing and highly amuses everyone I show. I’m going to have to choose Yul from Magus of Stonewylde by Kit Berry because I both in love with him and the books.

Do you remember how we became bloggy buddies? :P
This is going to sound really stupid, but I really don’t know! I can remember seeing your Twitter profile and following you, but that’s it. I’m so glad we did start talking though because you are one of my best bloggy buddies and have helped me so much with my blog.

How big is your TBR pile and have you added any books to it lately?
My TBR pile is massive. It has shrunk a little bit but, of course, I’m always adding to it so it will never really go down. At the time of writing this, my latest additions are Infinite Sky by C.J. Flood, Shatter Me by Taherah Mafi, The Evolution of Mara Dyer and Pantomime by Laura Lam.

How is Sylvie and what was the last book you read on her?
She’s good, I hope! *goes off to ask her how she is*
For those people who have no idea what I’m talking about, Sylvie is my Kindle and I received her for my birthday in October. I named her after the female protagonist in one of my favourite books of all time, Sylvie. Many of us in the book blogging community have named their Kindles, some of my favourites being Kiki (yours, Kyra!), Monty (Jessica from Booked Up!) and Cecelia (Eileen from **Singing and Reading in the Rain**).

At the time of writing this, the last book I read on her was Me, Suzy P by Karen Saunders.

Quickfire Questions:
1. Rain or sun? 
Sun, but I can read for longer when it’s raining!
2. Four or Will Herondale? ;) 
Gaah! I love both but will have to go with Four this once. Sorry Will! ;)
3. Library of book shop? 
I love my library and think it’s really important that we support them so I’m going to have to choose library.
4. Books or chocolate? 
WHY?! Can I choose both..?
5. Summer or winter? 
Although I love warm weather, I can get too hot sometimes so I prefer Winter at night.