GUESS WHAT?!


it was


I have been counting down the days to my birthday for more than a month and I can't believe how the time has flown. I can't believe I'm another year older. Hopefully this year I will become wiser, smarter, taller :p and a better person. I also want to do extremely well in my school work and my hobbies this year :D


My birthday was yesterday, Monday, and on Saturday we went to the pizza place with four of my friends. It was so much fun! I got such pretty presents (I'll show you guys a picture now! :D) and I had a lot of  fun! So I'll give you a break-down of my birthday weekend, k? :D



My friends arrived on Saturday afternoon and they came to my house and we just chatted and stuff. And then we went to the pizza place (and I wasn't that hungry because I had a huge lunch) and there was this rope thingy attached to a tree and you could swing on it :p So me being the mature 13 year old (I was 13, my birthday was two days later) I am, I swung on the rope! And it was so much fun! And I felt like a flying ballerina! :D

Then we had yummy chocolate milkshakes.

Then the pizza came, thank goodness. As it was freezing and we were sitting outside, but the pizza warmed us up. Then we went home and ate cupcakes. :D

The tree and the rope that I swung on :D

There were peacocks :p
A statue thingy of a rhino :D
Monday (my actual birthday! :D)
I woke up really early, at 6:45 I think, and was wished happy birthday by my parents and then I turned on my phone and I had my friends texting me happy birthday (I felt so loved :P) and then I just relaxed in bed for a bit. Then my day started and the first half of the day wasn't particularly exciting. I played guitar and I drew a bit. But then at around one in the afternoon, I saw the post truck draw up at my house and he got out with a package FOR ME.  ON MY BIRTHDAY. I was so excited I was doing my very peculiar happy dance *Ahem*, so then Ruby (7), Gabby (3) and Jonathan (19) all gathered around to see what I got and I got:

  • Etiquette and Espionage - Gail Carriger
  • Timeriders: Pirate Kings - Alex Scarrow
I was so excited. It cheered me up so much and then I was practically hyper the rest of the day.

When my dad got home from work I went to the library and I got some stunning books! When I told people I wanted to go to the library on my birthday they were like: 

And then I'd just grin enthusiastically! :D 

Then when I came home I had the party! With the neighbours (family friends), they have five kids so it was fun :p

The two oldest ones made a beautiful cake for me and I felt so special and the cake tasted flipping good ;) There was lots of yummy fooooodies, I absolutely loved the samoosas, the chocolate speckled eggs, the chips, the cake and the 7 Up! :D

I then opened my last pressie (from my parents) and I was ECSTATIC! They got me the awesome Electronic Dictionary Bookmark that I wanted! It was just a small present as my proper present I'm getting when the house is built (a laptop) but you know what? I'm so haaaaappppppyyyyy with this, I didn't even think of the laptop! :D After the day I was really tired, so I organized my library books and then slept :p

I had an awesome day and thank you to all my buddies on Twitter that wished me! :D

Picture time:

Pretty notebook charm for my charm bracelet, pretty cupid charm for my charm bracelet, stunning pink purse that you  unlock (golden heart), pretty silver necklace and lovely sparkly pink nail varnish.
My new love! An Electronic Dictionary bookmark.
Pink balloons :D
Stunning birthday sunset!
How gorgeous is my cake?!
All my pressies!

Review copies that arrived! :)
The eye that I drew! :D