Review - The Zombie Kid Diaries #2, Grossery Games - Fred Perry

Zombie Kid Diaries Volume 2: Grossery GamesTitle: Zombie Kid Diaries, Grossery Games
Author: Fred Petty
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publication: 31st July 2012, Antarctic Press
Pages: 128, Paperback
Source: Thank you to the publisher/netgalley for providing me with this book to review.

Not willing to let being a zombie spoil his dreams of pro-gamer stardom, Bill Stokes is all fired up to win against a visiting game champ. But he's got a trio of troubles threatening to ruin his chances: The class has a Thanksgiving trip to Camp Woodchunk that same weekend. He's got to take care of Froufou, the yappy (but yummy-smelling) poodle from next door. And his personal bully, Steve, has a whole new way to humiliate him: a one-man, live-recorded "game show" called Gross-eries! When Steve gets to run his little game during the whole class trip, Bill gets to be his unwilling star, and it's just about all his zombified nerves can stand!

After reading the first instalment of the zombie Kid Diaries I was quite hesitant in reading this one. If you haven't read my review on the previous book click here. All in all, it was probably one of the worst books I've read. Ever. But I began reading it was way better than the first one. Not a book that is on my top 100 best books, but it was enjoyable.

The first thing that made it significantly better than the first one, was the format. The layout looked like a proper diary in this book, which left me grinning. The writing was more in-depth and the plot was more advanced. It was still an easy, quick read but when reading this you have to keep in mind it was written for younger children, so it won't go into detail.

In this instalment there was also more writing and towards the end you found out a bit more about how they became zombies which was interesting. In this one I was also thankful that the author hadn't used as many exclamation marks, as in the first one there was one after every sentence.

The characters you got to know a bit more about, not much, there was only a couple of more sentences adding information but that was sufficient just to get me to feel more about the characters.

Overall this book was a lot better than the first, the author created a more interesting plot and layout. Some of the characters were still a bit mediocre but I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about them. I think this would appeal and be more enjoyable to kids of a younger age.

I give this: 2 CUPCAKES!