Review - The Chaos Code - Justin Richards

The Chaos Code - Justin Richards

The Chaos CodeTitle: The Chaos Code
Author: Justin Richards
Genre: Adventure, Young Adult, Juvenile Fiction
Publication: Faber and Faber. October 2, 2007
Pages: 460, Hardback 

Matt Stribling is stuck spending another vacation with his brilliant, yet scatterbrained archaeologist father. His dad’s house is often a mess, so when Matt arrives to find the place turned upside down and his father missing, he’s not immediately worried. But a cryptic message and some strange sandy footprints quickly persuade Matt that all is not right. With the help of some unusual family friends, Matt discovers that his father had been searching for an ancient code, one rumored to have brought down the Mayans, and maybe even the fabled civilization of Atlantis. Now in the hands of a madman using high tech computers to decipher it, the code is being readied for new and sinister uses. Matt and his friend, Robin, will traverse the globe, battling terrifying sand creatures and mercenaries alike in their efforts to stop the chaos code from being fully reactivated—and dooming the modern world to a catastrophe not seen since the days of Atlantis.

You know one of those books, where, from the very first page, they have you hooked? Wow! This was definitely one of those books. The plot and the idea of this whole book, is so unique and brilliant! I love the way the good characters think in this book, the way they view life, its brilliant! From reading this book, it actually makes sense, about how they thought and when I read that I was like, woah, that really opened my eyes! 

This was a real page-turner, as I read each and every page I was dying to read the next page. There were lots of surprises and as the story took another turn I was like wow, I would NEVER have seen this coming. 

The characters were well thought out and I liked the way they changed throughout the book, especially the main character, Matt. When he was first in the early stages of the book, I wasn't too sure about him but as I kept on reading I couldn't help but like him and admire him!

You MUST read this book, it's really a great action and adventure book that will also make you think!

I give it: 5 CUPCAKES!