Review - The Princess and the Pauper - Kate Brian

Front CoverThe Princess and the Pauper            
Title: The Princess and the Pauper 
Author: Kate Brian
Genre: Princess, Normal Girl, Swapping lives
Publication Date: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (April 22, 2008)
Pages: Paperback, 265

Carina, a real European princess, is dying to hook up with the sexy American rock star she met online. Too bad about all those bodyguards watching her every move. Then Carina spots her down-and-out near-twin, Julia. For a fast ten grand, Julia grabs the gown and the crown, and the girls swap identities for a day.Before long Princess Carina is trapped on a skeevy bus full of roadies, and pauper Julia is jetting off to...some small foreign country? Only a storybook ending can get these two poseurs back to where they belong.

You know you get books where you're like it was okay, I didn't hate it, but I didn't particularly like it either? Well, this book was like that. It was an average book that I wasn't wowed by but not so terrible that I stopped reading it all together. 

It was your average Princess and the Pauper story. They look alike, they swap places, something goes wrong, they realise it's not that easy being normal/princess and then both find a nice guy and everything is fine. There wasn't really anything original about the story, it was light-hearted, quick read but it didn't have me wanting to pick it up after I'd put it down. I also didn't feel that much emotion for the characters and I think there were a few plot holes. Like when Markus is cross with Julia and then happy with her two seconds later and then where Carina and Julia don't get on and then when it's time for Julia to leave, they're the best of friends.I did like the relationship between Julia and her mother and how she wasn't acting all star struck by Carina and I won't lie,there were a few good moments in the book.

If you want a quick, sweet read, then read this but if you're looking for an amazing book, you might want to consider some other book! :)

I give it: 3 CUPCAKES!